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Professeur ordinaire en mathèmatiques, faculté des sciences de base.
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János Pach appointed as a full professor of mathematics

12 December 2007

On 12 December, the Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology appointed János Pach as a full professor of mathematics at the School of Basic Sciences.

János Pach was born on May 3, 1954 in Hungary. In 1921, he earned his doctorate with distinction at Eotvos University in Budapest, receiving the Gold Ring of the President of the Hungarian Republic. He also earned a doctorate in mathematics from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1995. In 1986 he became a senior research fellow there, and in 1991 took a position as a research professor at New York University’s Courant Institute. In 1992 he was appointed a full professor in the City University of New York’s Department of Computer Science, and in 2004 was named a distinguished professor.


Professor Pach is one of the world’s greatest specialists in the fields of combinatorial and algorithmic geometry, and is also the foremost authority in extremal theory of geometric graphs. His work will be an invaluable addition to EPFL research, positioning the institution among the world’s best universities in the field of discrete mathematics.


János Pach covers many areas of expertise, including computational and discrete geometry, graph theory and combinatorial analysis. Part of his research also deals with areas outside of mathematics, such as designing VLSI circuits, mastering robotic movements and infography. His main research interests are also relevant to important issues in theoretical computing. 


Professor Pach is a gifted teacher and excellent presenter. He will teach courses in general discrete mathematics as well as specialized courses in discrete geometry. He will provide instruction at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Many of his doctoral students have obtained jobs as researchers and teachers at the best universities in the world, including MIT, Rutgers, and UC San Diego, and also have won many awards.

journaliste: Florence Luy